Sustainability & Transparency

Where is my underwear made?

Your underwear is made right here in New Zealand, in small batches following ethical and sustainable practices.

We order our organic cotton fabric from Melbourne, Australia. (Unfortunately there aren't any New Zealand suppliers who create organic cotton, otherwise we would work with them!)

A lot of work has gone into making your underwear and all the specialists who are an important part of this process are right here in New Zealand.

What do you do to reduce your carbon footprint?

We use only organic cotton fabric, made in Australia - the closest supplier we could find. (If you know of a New Zealand fabric option, email us. We'd love to hear from you!)

We make small batches and mainly pre-orders to ensure minimal excess waste.

Packaging is critical! We make every effort to reduce single use packaging, even when it's against the norm for the industry.

When our underwear arrives from our sewing room, it's grouped - no individual packaging here. 

We also send it to you without packaging - no plastic, no tissue paper, no strings attached.

While we know these things usually make your purchases beautiful on arrival, but we've opted for kindness to the planet over pretty unwrapping for the 'Gram. Not to mention, when we don't send you extra packaging, you don't have to work out how to dispose of it, so we call that an environmental win-win.

As we make our product right here in New Zealand, we reduce our carbon footprint by not having it made thousands of kilometres away, shipped to us, then shipped to you!

As we grow, we aim to make further changes to reduce our impact on the planet, so please feel free to drop us an email at if you have any ideas on how we could do better.