🌿Our underwear is DESIGNED & TESTED in NEW ZEALAND but most importantly our underwear is MADE IN NEW ZEALAND.
🌿Designing and testing takes about about 6 people to help bring our creations to life and about 6 -12 months from drawings, making, testing, changes, making testing and repeat until we are happy with our underwear. This costs thousands to create one design due to the time, people involved, materials, testing and setting up for release.
🌿Our underwear is made from premium ORGANIC COTTON made in Melbourne.
🌿We support 9 New Zealand business to purchase from or pay for their services in every part of the making of our underwear here in NEW ZEALAND.
🌿Everyone we work with pays themselves and their staff at worst a living wage.
🌿From recieving the material to completing a pair of briefs or bralettes it takes 4-5 people to add to the making of our underwear. That’s five people to pay for their time.
🌿It takes a full time person to keep our business going but probably needs another two, we have a marketing specialist, a website expert, we have lots of contractors we engage over the year for expertise we need.
🌿Photo shoots and capturing our images for social media/websites is expensive and we shoot and use models all in New Zealand. Last year we had 5 shoots 😬
🌿We have fixed costs of the website, the apps, the services accounting, the space we have our business, percentage costs taken out by payment providers.
🌿We are proud to say we are NEW ZEALAND MADE making high end premium pieces ❤️
🌿We have spent a couple of years investing in the business and have never paid ourselves for long days and nights we put into this beautiful business. We know we want to be here forever so we need to start valuing ourselves and the beautiful underwear we make.
🌿We hope this gives you an idea of what is involved in making our premium comfy underwear here in New Zealand and what you support and invest it x 🪴
Nga Mihi for the love always,
James, Antoinette and Louis